30 May 2017

Here are some shocking images that reveal a roof in need of roof replacement services. It is surprising how common it is to find a roof in this condition. Replacing this roof was serious work, and it could have been avoided by having regular roof inspections done. Protect your home by calling Bay Area Roofing in Sarasota Florida 941-954-8777

Reasons To Contact Us For Roof Replacement Services!


Our premium installation warranty guarantees a leak-free roof for up to 15 years. If repairs are required, those reparations come at no cost to the homeowner. LEARN MORE


“Complete satisfaction from start to finish. Of all the work that my home needed after Charlie, Bay Area Roofing was the ONLY contractor that was SUPERB.” READ MORE


Bay Area Roofing offers several financing options to help homeowners with their roofing repair costs. Applying is quick and easy! LEARN MORE


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